Being Single: Asset or Affliction?

Chances are, if you’ve been single for any significant period of time, you’ve dealt with the questions from your friends, family members, co-workers. It goes something like this:

Them: “Are you seeing anyone?”

You: “No.”

Them: “Why not?”

How does a single guy or gal one respond to that? Especially if you’ve been looking for love and just haven’t found it yet. The truth is, sometimes being single feels like an affliction. Especially on those dreaded occasions when the fear of being single FOREVER looms overhead.
Being single doesn’t have to be unpleasant – or permanent
Let’s be honest. More than likely, you won’t be single forever. Unless, of course, that’s your personal choice. But if it’s your wish to one day find Mr. or Ms. Right and the search isn’t exactly going according to plan, well, the doubts set in. Especially during those instances that make being single seem like the only option — after yet another bad date with Mr. or Ms. Wrong, for example. Or too much time spent with your happily-ever-after friends who haven’t been single for years. They don’t mean to be insensitive, but they may have forgotten how hard being single can be.

Which leads to the ultimate question – Is being single an asset or affliction?

And the only honest answer is this – It depends. On you.
How being single affects you is your decision
Here’s the deal. If life is what you make of it, then being single, just like being in a relationship, will be what you make of it, too. If you wallow in being single, sitting by the phone waiting for no one in particular to call, well, you’re going to feel afflicted. But, if you instead embrace being single, balancing your search for “The One” with your career plans, personal hobbies and interests and time with friends, then your single status can be quite the asset. In fact, being single can be fabulous!

Being single: The bright side
Being single is full of possibilities. It’s the secret that no married or otherwise coupled-up friend will tell you. You have yet to meet your match, which means that life is still full of exciting adventures. And Mr. or Ms. Perfect may just walk into your life at any second. Isn’t that exciting?!

Take advantage of the opportunities being single affords you while you still can!
Being single means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. So go for it! Take that dream vacation with friends or family. Enroll in that dance class you were previously waiting for a partner to take. Don’t put your life on hold for a second. Let your sassy single self come out with a flourish. And trust me. If fully embraced, being single will not only be your greatest asset, but your married-with-children/happily ever after friends just might envy you.